Recommended Reading: Emilee, the story of a Girl and Her Family Hijacked by Anorexia

Just read an extremely compelling, poignant, well-written, compassionate, sad, but very important book on the seriousness of eating disorders, as well as the serious holes in our medical systems treatment of them. Linda and John Mazur, in their book entitled, Emilee, The Story of a Girl and Her Family Hijacked by Anorexia, recount the painful journey of their beautiful daughter and her unrelenting eating disorder. Raising awareness, supporting, and educating people about these serious mental illnesses is so critical to our treatment of them.

6 responses to “Recommended Reading: Emilee, the story of a Girl and Her Family Hijacked by Anorexia”

  1. Thank you Dr. Forta for understanding why we wrote Emilee’s story.
    Thank you for all you do for the awareness and education of these potentially deadly illnesses 💜👍


    • Thank you for sharing your story – it is so critical to keep talking about eating disorders so that we can raise awareness and educate others on these devastating illnesses.


      • My wife Linda and I, along with Ellen Bennett, who’s daughter Katie died from anorexia, are in the process of recording a 10 part Podcast series on mental illnesses. It it called “Once Shattered Picking up the Pieces”.
        We are recording the fourth one this Wednesday, about suicide. Then the first four will be released, hopefully in July. We then will do one a month. They are about ED, anxiety, depression/ suicide, among other topics. Would you consider being a guest on our podcast? They are professionally recorded at a studio here in Rochester, but with technology it’s possible to do an interview by phone or computer.

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