Important Interview

Just wanted to share this great interview by Rabbi Eli Portal speaking with Aliza Blumenthal about eating disorders, her personal struggle, journey, and ultimate success. I recommend taking the time to listen. She is courageous, inspirational, and offers much to think about moving forward.

S1 E13: A Disabled System (Shidduchim with a Physical Disability) with Tziona Levine Rolling with the Punches with Rabbi Eli Portal

I used to wonder which is more painful, emotional pain or physical pain. I then entered shidduchim and got my answer. The process of shidduchim can be a grueling process for even the most eligible singles that have no medical issues. In this episode, we will hear from a newly married כלה, who tapped into her strength from previous difficulties to maintain her positivity as she reached the chuppah. A big thank you to Tziona Levine for sharing her story and experiences with us. To learn more about Beineinu check out their website at If you would like to appear on the show to represent a particular challenge, or if you have questions or comments or would like to be added to receive WhatsApp updates, email us at To partner with us or sponsor an episode email us at This show is available wherever you get your podcasts. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to submit your questions for upcoming episodes. All information exchanged on this show is intended for educational and support purposes only. This information should not be considered treatment or medical advice. You must always follow your medical professional’s advice and direction. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified mental health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or mental disorder.
  1. S1 E13: A Disabled System (Shidduchim with a Physical Disability) with Tziona Levine
  2. S1 E12: A sweet life, with less sugar (Type 1 Diabetes) with Melinda Strauss
  3. S1 E11: What's mine is yours (Kidney Donation) with Shmuel Spirgel
  4. S1 E10: I guess it's my turn (Guest speaker at camp) with Eli Portal
  5. S1 E9: Attacked for being a Jew (Facing Antisemitism) with Joey Borgen

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